Mom’s Cooking + Her Famous Cheese Cookies Recipe

In the beginning of my parent’s marriage it was the 50’s and they were poor. Like their neighbors, they happily existed on tuna fish casserole and Campbell’s soup. By the time I came along some twelve years and three older children later, they were certainly better off financially, but the breadth of my mom’s cooking […]

An Occupational Hazard and Chicken with Bacon, Cream and Thyme Recipe

The other night I posted this photo of our dinner on the usual social media platforms and so many people asked for the recipe! It’s a simple recipe and I posted the photo only because I thought it looked pretty. But it’s also a delicious dish and I will share it with you in a […]

Crushing on Cocottes

Perhaps you’ve noticed my long absence here. I’ve been so busy with winery related endeavors and before that, the holidays, that I haven’t had a moment to write anything. But I am dying to tell you about my new crush, so I am making time today! It all started when my sister-in-law gave me a […]

Pear & Apple Compote – Thanksgiving Traditions

I love Thanksgiving. It is absolutely my favorite holiday.  It’s all about my favorite things – cooking, eating, drinking and spending time with good people, whether family or family-by-choice. For us it’s mostly the latter, family-by-choice, since we long ago gave up traveling on this weekend. I would love to be with my family back […]

An impromptu dinner party and a new hors d’oeurves – Salmon Rillettes

I have this habit of inviting people over in an impromptu kind of way. It’s important to me to be able to entertain spontaneously, to not get all wrapped up in the finer points but rather focus on the food, the people and the fun. Maybe my desire to push the agenda of care-free entertaining stems […]

“You Can Taste The Love” and My “Epic” Meatloaf

I love October in Oregon. The days start out cold and foggy, the afternoon turns sunny and warm (at least that’s what happens this October), then the dark comes early. And October means harvest here in Oregon wine country. In many ways, harvest is the very best time of year for us. We put our […]

Labor Day and Late Summer Corn Chowder

The funny thing about Labor Day and the start of school is that even though it’s the end of summer it’s still summer weather. I remember longing to wear boots and sweaters to school in September and sweltering if I did! My daughter struggled with the same dilemma today. Here in Oregon, public school starts […]

Tuna Salad, Then and Now

Someone asked recently “What’s your earliest food memory?” I was able to nail it pretty quickly – tuna fish salad. I was about 2 1/2 years old and we were living in a temporary (furnished?) apartment in Jacksonville, Florida. My Dad – then working for Ford Motor Company – had been transferred from Michigan to […]

Reflections on the Sandwich Years (Delicious Turkey Burgers with Zucchini & Cumin Recipe)

The best laid plans, as they say…I posted this photo of these little burgers on the usual social media channels a week, now two, ago. Everyone was clamoring for the recipe and I intended to oblige right away – they taste as good as they look and I am a big believer in sharing. Unfortunately […]

Behold the Artichoke

Artichokes. In all their mysterious, prickly splendor artichokes are a beautiful thing to behold and somewhat magical to eat, leaf by leaf. Having eaten artichokes for as long as I can remember, I am a bit surprised that some people are a little bit intimidated by them. Even a touch scared. I guess I shouldn’t be. […]