My New Favorite Coleslaw and My Son’s Graduation

My oldest child graduated from high school last week. I have to confess that I was utterly unprepared for the wave of emotions this milestone would bring.  It’s no secret that I tend to be quite sentimental,I’m the mama who gets teary-eyed with only the slightest provocation. I estimate I’ve cried at least a little […]

Crunchy Pan Roasted Dijon Chicken Thighs – Cooking School

  A month or so ago, a friend who runs the Health & Wellness program at our local college reached out to a handful of her friends who are avid cooks and asked if they would be interested in teaching a class for college students. The theme would be creating meals that are nutritious, simple […]

Sunday, Coffee and Pear Cinnamon Muffins – Simply the Best!

Yesterday was the first Sunday in ages that we’ve had absolutely nothing on the books. Complete peace and quiet all day long! It capped off a busy week of work, a child home sick for three days and celebrating my birthday. And since it’s a significant one (Fifty! The big 5-0, baby. And no, it […]

Roasted Tomato Sauce – How and Why

As the busy, busy summer winds down, it’s time for tomatoes.  I want to tell you about my Roasted Tomato Sauce so that you too can enjoy this incredibly flavorful and versatile sauce. But you’ll need to get busy while there is still an abundance of this delicious fruit! Last week I posted some photos […]

Oregon Berry & Cherry Hazelnut Crisp

One of the things that happens around here, as you might have gathered, is that we have a lot of company. Especially in the summer. And when I say company, sometimes I mean personal friends and family who come to visit, but there is also a whole other category and that is business associates. Whether […]

Mom’s Cooking + Her Famous Cheese Cookies Recipe

In the beginning of my parent’s marriage it was the 50’s and they were poor. Like their neighbors, they happily existed on tuna fish casserole and Campbell’s soup. By the time I came along some twelve years and three older children later, they were certainly better off financially, but the breadth of my mom’s cooking […]

Spring Lamb and Oregon Pinot Noir + Four Hour Leg of Lamb Recipe

Have you ever noticed how much better food tastes when it’s in season? Sure, you can buy basil in February and peaches in December, but eating them in the season that nature intended them to be eaten doesn’t compare to that alternative. Spring and lamb go hand in hand, and in our house it’s the […]

The Gougères That Will Change Your Life

In this post, I was going to tell you all about our recent trip to Chicago. About how we went to Eataly in the city and it was so jaw-dropingly fabulous that I could have spent all day there, but settled for an hour. About how I renewed my passion for public transportation – the […]

An Occupational Hazard and Chicken with Bacon, Cream and Thyme Recipe

The other night I posted this photo of our dinner on the usual social media platforms and so many people asked for the recipe! It’s a simple recipe and I posted the photo only because I thought it looked pretty. But it’s also a delicious dish and I will share it with you in a […]

Feed a Child, Nourish a Mind & South of France Tomato Soup

Every school day morning I stand in my chilly kitchen, sometimes pre-dawn, and make my kids breakfast and while they eat that, lunch. The elementary school starts at 8:00 and its about 7:30 when my ten-year old climbs up on the stool and sits down to her warm breakfast. It’s about that time too, that […]